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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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our court is miss stokes. >> please turn off all cellular phones and pagers. copies of any documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon will appear on the december 21 agenda, unless otherwise stated. supervisor mar: please call item number one. >> resolution approving annual report to the city for fisherman's wharf community benefits district and for the port side community benefit the district for fiscal years 2006- 2007, 2007-2008, and 2008-2009.
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>> actually, can i use this mic? good morning. my name is lisa and i am with the office of economic and work- force development. before you today is a resolution approving the annual report for the fisherman's wharf community benefit district and for a portside community benefit district. receiving and approving the annual reports for three fiscal years, these are pursuant to be properly benefit district act of 1994. it is in compliance with the management plan between the city
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and county of san francisco and the fisherman's wharf association. i want to introduce cavan, the executive director of the fisherman's wharf association. he and i will share the presentation. i will go over our review of the annual report. i will let him talk about the services about the fisherman's wharf association -- the services that the fisherman's wharf association provides. the community benefits districts are governed by state law and local law, and a contract with the city and county of san francisco, and by their management plans. our office is charged with ensuring that allcbd's are
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meeting -- all cbd's meet their requirements. we will provide the board of supervisors with a performance report. this resolution covers annual report for three fiscal years -- annual reports for three fiscal years. kevin will follow me and talk about other highlights of the district. the fisherman's wharf association is the management corp. they managed two special districts in fisherman's wharf, two legal districts. one is the property-based district and one is the port side, business-based district. on the landside, property owners are assessed. the two legal assessment districts are managed under one
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non-profit organization, called the fisherman's wharf -- ok. the land side was established in 2005. portside was established in 2006. able to expire on june 30, 2020. both districts are managed by the same nonprofit. they have a budget of $850,000 combined. they have several programs to manage. one is the district identity and streetscape improvement. they do marketing of major events, such as fourth of july, fleet week, they have holiday lights, a festival in the christmas season, and the crab festival. they have street operations services, including street cleaning, graffiti removal, pedestrian waste, hanging flower
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baskets, officers during the high season, which is the summer, and a pure save program. they have been very involved in the development of the public realm plan to redesign jefferson street. the office of economic and work- force development and the city services audit division reviewed the annual reports. we have provided these reports to you for your review. fisherman's wharf cbd as required -- has submitted the required reports.
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ok. i am going to go over the review of the financial statements that provided us with this analysis. one of the things that we have to look at when we review each cbd is if they stayed within 10% from their management plan budget. every service category should not stray far from what they originally budgeted in their management plan. from year to year, it should not go up more than 10 percentage points. fisherman's wharf stayed within that required 10-percentage- point. we also look at a fund-raiser. there's a target of 5% per year of their revenues that they are supposed to raise through
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donations. they have raised 5% to 8% during the three fiscal years we are looking at for this report. they met that obligation. budgetv ersus -- budget versus expenses, they did spend more than budgeted on administration for all three years, due to increased costs and increased staff and office expenses. they have carried-over funds at the end of the fiscal year every year. they have included these funds into their following-year post a budget. they allocate the funds to a project each year. they allocate an amount depending on how much help is available at the end of the fiscal year. the cbd included a carry-over fund in the 2009-2010 budget.
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that budget is here. the revenue is $1,000,153. the expenses totaled $841,000. they have a carry-over. the carry-over disbursement planned for 2009-2010 includes special marketing projects, special street maintenance, and some of their public rum improvement capital projects are in there as well.
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we would like to recommend that the cbd carefully track how they're carry-over funds are expended each year. they have to be expended according to the management plan. the cbd should indicate budget vs actual expenses. the amount they spent in line item should also be detailed. i would like to let kevin talk about the services in more detail. supervisor mar: supervisor maxwell has a question. supervisor maxwell: [inaudible] that they did not provide you with those things? >> they did give us a budget of how they would spend their money. we wanted to have more detail about any carry-over expenses
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every year. we want to know exactly how the contingency line items are being spent, and how the carry-over is spent. they did provide is a detailed budget. we want them to continue that and provide more. supervisor maxwell: on a minister of costs, you mentioned they were over. is that -- on administrative costs, you mentioned they were over. is that because they have taken on extra or they have done more things? >> i will let kevin answer that. they were within 10% of their budget. it is not that they were over anything. we look at what they budgeted at the beginning of the year and what they spent at the end of the year. i will let kevin answer that. >> good morning. as we grew, we realized that some of the support systems we had in the staff, we needed additional support as we grew. it was something the board
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worked with us closely on. supervisor maxwell: are you thinking about readjusting that, or will you stay within that 10%? >> we felt it was important to stay within that percentage of the management plan. we have done our new budget for the current year. we're staying within the plans we have. supervisor maxwell: it helps you budget, as a tool. >> absolutely. there's a balance between administration and the services we provide. good morning. i have the pleasure to work on fisherman's wharf every day. i work with an incredible group of people. we have a very strong board. last year, we increased the board from 19 up to 25 because of the participation we have. we wanted a wider diversity of membership. i think this meeting is a good demonstration. we have several board members here today. i want to introduce them.
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their support continues throughout the year. we have frank, a board member, a captain of the lovely martha. we have craig, the general manager of the sheraton hotel. lynn is our community representative on the board. we have the vice president of the board. david harrison is on our board. he is working closely with the civic center cbd. jay edwards is on our board and chairs our sustainability committee. i have one other colleague, troy campbell. he works with me every day on fisherman's wharf. i thought i would share with you the boundaries of the wharf.
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it runs all the way down on the land aside, the green portion of the diagram. the purple section as tucker portside. -- purple section is the portside. we work very closely with the community associations. we have 11 active members on the committee. we added three more last year. the new committees we added, one of the senate -- one of them was the sustainability committee. that was working to make sure the wharf is sustainable and we share the best practices among the businesses on the wharf as part of that. we also added a community development committee, which is really looking at how we make sure we protect, preserve, enhance, and educate people about the rich history of fisherman's wharf.
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it was something we felt we had to do more of. we have an active committee working on ideas of how to do that, and to really make a stronger for us. we believe the vitality of fisherman's wharf helps the city and the millions of visitors who visit every year. we also work with many partner organizations. i have a list appear, but it is not a complete list. we work with virtually every department of the city of san francisco. we work with the office of the mayor and with the police department and fire department. we work with many of the neighborhood organizations. we have neighborhood groups that surround fisherman's wharf, and it is important that we work closely with them. we try to reach out as much as we can. we will share that with you as well. i mentioned the sustainability committee. it is a new committee we have done. jay is here. we received a two-year grant
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from the department of environment fisherman's wharf declare a zero waste zone. people have done an incredible job. we want to make sure we are sharing the strength across the district. it is a two-year grant. we received a grant last year from the mayor's office for $25,000 for the flower basket program. we were able to expand that to more businesses, so more people could enjoy that. a big portion of the budget is related to marketing. in order to do that, we work with the city of san francisco to plan the major events you are familiar with. fleet which for 2010 was an incredible event. we worked closely with the mayor's office. we are a financial supporter of this event. we were a major sponsor of fleet week.


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